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Q&A with freshman standout Marquise Rice - He talks with Exposure Sports News

By Exposure Sports News Staff , 04/19/19, 2:30PM EDT


Q&A with Marquise Rice

Q: What are you looking forward to the most this summer Marquise?

Marquise Rice: Just growing as a player. I’ve been working all fall and winter and prove to myself that I’m a top player, and am ready to go at it this summer

Q: Once one thing that Team Wall has taught you that you emphasize in your game?

MR: Ever since the 7th grade, like, they always brought the dog out of me. So when I come out here, it’s a business trip. I may joke and play with them, but when it’s time to hit the court, it’s time to get after it.

Q: Maturity comes in all forms, and most notably for you this past HS season, there were definitely levels of maturity both physically and mentally, can you walk us through that a bit?

MR: Well I’m definitely going to utilize what God gave me, it works both ways, my body is going to get stronger, but I’ve been working on my mental. It’s been a process to get to the point I am at right now. I already know physically I can get there, which is why I’ve put such a big focus on the mental maturity.

Q: What’s the biggest difference for you transitioning from your High School season to Summer ball?

Rice: Ohh my god man! There’s a lot of politics in school ball. I can’t use that excuse though because any time I step on the court, it’s business. But summer ball man, it’s like a family type, they not on you like a high school coach, they entrust us to go out there and give the same energy and effort no matter what type of game it is.